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beyond the blacktop

Beyond The Blacktop Adventure Tours

Previously known as Beyond The Blacktop 4wd Tours


If you have been out with us, and had a great time, please let us know by reviewing below!








Sunny Corner Weekender from Donna and Tony.

Wanted to say a massive thanks to Paul for an absolutely fantastic 4WD weekend.

My husband and I purchased a Nissan Patrol last year, and have been slowly setting it up so we can have some off road adventures.

We are about 3/4 of the way through setting up our "tough truck" and thought we should do a weekend getaway to test out our new tyres and suspension. As my hubby and I want to do some major touring, he thought it would be a good idea for me to improve on my very limited off road skills and that a guided weekend tour is just the thing!

After looking around at various options we decided to go with Beyond the Blacktop 4WD tours.

We met up with our very friendly guides and other eager off roaders at Sunny Corner bright and early and after a safety chat, radio check and release of tyre pressure we where off on our way.

My husband who has quite a bit of experience 4WD, was patiently sitting in the passenger seat as we headed off to start our weekend adventure. (Personally I wasn’t sharing in the confidence he had placed in my ability to tackle whatever lay ahead!)

As our convey made our way down the first portion of the track, it wasn’t long before we had to tackle our first obstacle. With encouraging words on the UHF and from hubby my confidence grew.

By the end of the day, I had tackled ruts, washouts, bog puddles, river crossing, rock steps, steep inclines and declines and had the biggest smile on my face!

We stopped at some amazing places to take photo’s, admire the wildlife and to take note of the history of the land around us.

To finish off an amazing day we arrived at the Capertee Royal Hotel, to be met by very friendly staff and locals, after an amazing dinner and some well deserved beverages with great new friends, it was time to hit the hay – to do it all again the next day!

I was amazed at what I was able to achieve, with guidance from Paul and our Patrol performed beyond our expectations

We will definitely be booking another tour and can’t wait for what you have install for us next time – only problem is it will be my husband’s turn to drive!

Thanks again

Donna K

4WD Tour from Tony and Sarah

What a fantastic day out we had 4WD with Paul. We were greeted punctually with a friendly but cheeky demeanor, followed by a safety briefing and detailed plan of our trip. During the course of the drive he shared a wealth of knowledge with us empowering us to take on any challenge we encountered along the way. Up hills, down mountains, creek crossings and the occasional BOG hole all were driven with apprehension at first but however as the drive progressed, we were finding these challenges no longer questionable as our confidence and skills were increasing due to the guidance given from Paul who was with us either in our vehicle, or on the 2 way radio or walking alongside us with detailed assistance. Watching and listening to Paul’s tuition for some time gave my wife the confidence to take on the above-mentioned challenges. This she took on with comfort in knowledge of what she was taught earlier on in the drive. Prior to this she would not have thought she had the confidence to attempt any form of 4WD. This gave her a great feeling of achievement.

The drive was not just all about 4WD. It also was about wonderful scenery, points of interest, making new friends whilst learning and experiencing 4WD.

We came away from this drive having one of the most memorable experiences we have encountered for quite some time. We are already planning our next journey with them in the near future. We are looking forward to joining them and experiencing more 4WD.

Paul has a wealth of experience, which he is happy to share with you and empower you to take on 4WD challenges. He is professional warm and friendly which gave us confidence in their knowledge and skills. Just go out and join him on a 4WD into the wilderness and you will have a wonderful experience

Happy 4wding

Tony and Sarah R

Valley Adventure Tour from Kelsey and Andrew

Hi Paul,

Just wanted to say thank you again for our weekend day trip. Andrew and I had an absolutely awesome time getting out and seeing some breath taking views.

We set off early in the morning bleary eyed to meet Paul in Blaxland at 7am. We spotted the white beast ready and waiting for us, with a quick hello we where on the way out with a promise of coffee from Paul. Paul made Andrew and I feel at ease immediately with his quick sense of humor and open nature. He threw out a few ideas for a general outline of the day, but also gave us the option to swing around to anything particular we had in mind as it was just the three of us.

First up was bouncing up the power lines access tracks with some awesome, exciting technical driving which showed us Pauls skill and absolute ease in maneuvering the vehicle. He took the time to stop at a difficult point and show us the road, talk about how he was going to tackle it and made us both feel like we where a team ready to take on anything. His knowledge of the flora and fauna around was also a wonderful side note for me, being the only one not coming from a technical 4WD career.

Driving through the blue mountains bush spotting Wallabies and Wombats and remarking on the different eucalyptus varieties was such a great experience for a Sydney city Kiwi like myself being so new to the country still there are a lot of environmental things I haven’t had the chance to learn about. This trip really helped me see things like the bush recovering from the fires and solving the mystery of what a termite mound feels like!

As we where coming through to our next stop, suddenly the bush opened up and we where on top of a ridge looking out over the lost city! What a view! Just breath taking seeing 280 degree views of the huge rock formations reminiscent of Mayan temples.

My favorite part would have been seeing the caves and sheer cliffs up Black Fellas Hands. Just magical, highly recommend you go for a walk around here when you go out with Paul.

I won’t tell you about the big finale as words cannot describe just how breath taking his private access views are. All I will say is make sure you listen to Pauls instructions and try not to communicate with the cows (Paul thinks that’s slightly irregular)

Over all, Paul was a most brilliant host with a huge amount of experience, history and relate able knowledge. He was professional in all his dealings with us from the conversations after booking to dropping us off at our car at the end of the day. He balanced both Andrew and my interests with a well planned satisfying day. I have no qualms recommending this tour to anyone interested in getting out and giving 4WDing a go or just wanting to see some beautiful things.

Thank you again.

Best regards,

Kelsey D